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Osa Wori Temple

Iba Òyá Oluweku

I respect the Spirit of the Wind, Chief of the Ancestors 

Iba Opere Lalaoyan

I respect She Who Walks With Confidence and Pride 

Iba Òyá yeba Iya mesa Oyo

I respect the Spirit of the Wind, The Senior Mother of Oyo.

Aja l'aiye afefe iku lele bioke

The winds of the earth carry the ancestors

Aja L'orun afefe lku lele bioke

The winds of heaven carry the ancestors

Aja l'aiye aja l'orun fun mi n'ire

May the winds of the earth and the winds of  the heaven bring me good fortune

Oya winiwini - the spirit of the wind is wonderous

Iba se Oya l'o ni Egun- I respect the spirit of the wind who guides the ancestors

Iya mi oro bi onu se l'ayia My mother, fill me with the wisdom from her breast

lba se omo Yansan- I give respect to the child of the mother of nine

mbe mbe Yansan- May the mother of nine exist forever

Ase- may it be so


Discover Osa-Wori, the store dedicated to the powerful and beautiful warrior goddess Oya Yansa. As a Mother of Nine and a Wife of Shango, the Orisha of change, Oya reminds us that we don't work on our time, but on the Orishas time. Shop at Osa-Wori to honor her and to connect to the spirit of your ancestors.

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