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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Introducing Osa-Wori, the IFA Store dedicated to empowering our community through Ifa. For over 15 years, we have been on a mission to teach others about this ancient, spiritual practice and its power to bring us closer to our Orishas and ancestors. Our goal is to provide guidance and resources that will enable individuals to embrace the tradition and be more in tune with their spiritual journey.

Our Story

Welcome to Osa-Wori IFA Store, a family-run business ignited by the power of Oya Candle and Prayer. As devoted followers of the ancient Yoruba Spirituality, Oya's determination has allowed us and our customers to experience the divine forces to reach our highest destinies. Visit us to experience the transformative journey of IFA and make your destiny a reality.

Oya is the Buffalo Woman. In one pataki, it’s said that Oya had the power to change into a buffalo by donning buffalo skins. On the rare occasions that she would go back to her human form, she carefully hid the skins under some rocks, because without them she would be stuck as a human. One day, a hunter spotted a great buffalo and was preparing to take his shot when, to his surprise, the buffalo suddenly transformed into a beautiful woman. He watched in awe as she hid the skins, and as soon as she headed to the market, the hunter took her skins and hid them somewhere else. When she returned from the market, she was horrified to find them missing, and in their place was the hunter who demanded she marry him. Knowing he had power over her, she agreed on the condition that he never hit her or the children she would bear. Several years later, an argument turned violent and he slapper her in the face. Oyá ran to the forest in a blind rage. The hunter, filled with remorse, tried to find her but he was too late. Oyá had found her skins, hidden not far from where she had left them, and turned back into a buffalo, never to be seen again.

Maferefún Oyá!

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