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Eku ojo Ose Ifa Irentegbe Temple and OSA Wori Temple family.

I greet you on the day of mystery. Let us give thanks for the power and protection of the four pillars of Ifá. May we align ourselves with their wisdom and guidance so that we might travel the road of destiny with comfort, abundant wealth and elevation. Àse!

Let us give thanks, for Esu has accepted our offerings this morning. Esu says that OwonrinIwori is active and manifesting in our lives, real time. Esu says that a man will take what is within his reach and that a woman will be blessed abundantly as a consequence. The more powerful this man becomes, the more this woman will be blessed.

Let us give thanks that Yeye Osun has accepted our offerings today. Yeye Osun says that there is a woman who intuitively knows her destiny but she is uncertain about how it will manifest. Consequently, your efforts have not yielded the desired outcomes. Yeye Osun says that you need to meditate and pray on the matter every day for 30 consecutive days. Ask Yeye Osun to reveal the secret within that timeframe and she will show you.

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