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Eku ojo Itadogun, Osa Wori Temple and Irentegbe Temple and aborisha family. Today is once again our Itadogun. Ifa gives us a message through the odu Ofun-Irosun. This one is about being helpful to one another.

Adeyanju was a poor man. He had no possessions, no wife, and no children. He lived in his father's house and The only cloth he had was torn. Each day he would go to the market and carry loads for people so he could eat.

One day, a woman gave him a load of yams to carry and refer to him as "the poor man of town." This saddened him deeply. Once his task was completed, he went to consult Ifa. He wanted to know how to be free of poverty and have people call him by a good name. He was advised to offer ebo and he complied. He was told to appease egbé, his heavenly mates and do all the instructed him to do. They told him to buy a Cutlass with what he had left. He complied. They told him to start farming. He asked where and ifa told him. He complied.

After working on his farm for 2 days, he fell into a pit. When he pulled his leg out, it came out with money. He dug where his leg had gone in and found four pots of money. The next day, he went to the market and bought new clothes and servants to work his farm. When his farm became successful, he found a wife and bought a horse.

Soon after the yam seller came to the market asking for the "town's rich man." The people directed her to Adeyanju. He asked her how she came to call him by this title. She said it was given to her by God. She had fallen on hard times and was advised to come to the market and ask for him. Adeyanju asked what she needed and she told him 50 cowries would be enough to start her business. He instead gave her 1,000 cowries. She asked when he wanted for her to repay him and he told her it was a gift. Then he asked if she remembered him. She told him that this was the first time she met him. Adeyanju asked when was the last time she saw "the poor man of town". She said it had been a long time. He came to town one day and bought new clothes and that was the last she had heard of him. He explained that he was the one. She was shocked. It was through her that he heard for the first time that people called him "the town's poor man." It was also through her that he learned that he was now called "the town's rich man." He prayed with the yam seller, exclaiming that it was just as the Babalawos had said. He was dancing and praised the Babalawos as the Babalawos praised Ifa.

Advisories and taboos:

• cover children with red cloth at night to bring good fortune into the home. (red sheets or PJs)

• eat yams at least once during this Itadogun cycle for good fortune

• help someone less fortunate and be kind to those in need.

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $21

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