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Eku ojo Ose Ifa Irentegbe Temple and OSA Wori Temple. Today is our Itadogun. We received a truly powerful message that I hope everyone takes time to read and absorb in its entirety. Today, It was the odu Otura-Ofun that manifested for us.

Cast Ifa for Meriye

When going to the farm to pick eburo fruit

She was advised to offer sacrifice

She complied

Some picked 20 eburo fruits

Some picked 30 fruits

Some picked 50 fruits

Meriye was able to pick only one fruit

Meriye had been told not to enter the forest. However, her friends urged her to accompany them to look for eburo fruit. Meriye wanted to be with her friends on the journey so she decided to go. Before going, however, she went to consult Ifa. The awo advised Meriye to complete her sacrifice before going to the forest. She complied.

When they arrived at the forest, Meriye's friends were wildly successful at finding the fruit. Some of them picked 20. Some picked 30. Others picked 50. Meriye only managed to pick one. The others were making jest, that she would not be able to go to the market with just one fruit, and if she did, the money she would make from it would be nothing compared to what they would make.

On the way back home, Meriye was feeling discouraged. She questioned why she had even come into the forest with these people in the first place. When they reached a stream, she decided to stay and swim for a while, since she had little incentive to take a single fruit to sell in the market.

Meriye placed her clothes and fruit on a stone by the river and entered the water. While she swam, a group of children appeared. They were hovering around Meriye's fruit. When she told them to go away, they refused to give up interest in her fruit. As she approached, they took the fruit and disappeared in the forest.

Meriye followed them until she reached the palace of Olodumare. Meriye explained her situation and was directed to the throne of Olodumare. After hearing her explanation for what had brought her all this distance, Olodumare advised Meriye to forget about the fruit and to return home. Meriye, however, insisted that the children return her fruit. In response, Olodumare told Meriye to remain in the palace for seven days. She agreed.

During her time in the palace, Meriye made herself busy. She cleaned, polished and swept the palace chambers. She worked in the gardens and prepared food as well. On the seventh day, Meriye was cooking when a rat appeared. He asked her for a piece of melon. Meriye complied. Out of appreciation, the rat told Meriye that Olodumare would soon give her a test that she must not fail. He explained that Olodumare would allow her to choose between two large calabashes; one would be encrusted with jewels and the second would be covered in ash. You must not choose the jeweled calabash, the rat warned Meriye. Instead, you must choose the dirty one.

Later on that very same day, Olodumare called Meriye. He informed her that she had been in the heavenly palace long enough. If she remained a day longer, she would not be able to return. Do you still want your fruit? Meriye insisted that she must have it. And so, Olodumare said, I will bless you with something far greater than the fruit but you must first pass this simple test. As the rat had explained, Olodumare then produced two large gourds and asked Meriye to choose one. Meriye chose the dirty gourd. Olodumare gave it to her. When Meriye looked inside the gourd, she found three small gourds.

Olodumare told her to return home with the gourds at once. He said, Meriye was told that when she arrived at home, she was to take the gourds into her room and close the door. She was asked to hit the gourd on the floor of her room. Meriye did as she was told. In the first gourd were expensive beads. Out of the second gourd came gold and diamonds. Out of the third gourd came expensive clothing. Meriye became an instant success.

She shared part of her success with her best friend. This friend was not satisfied. She asked Meriye to explain to her exactly the secret of her success. Meriye told her. The next time that t

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