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Itagon 10/16/23

Ifa is speaking of a particular woman, whose body is her power and influence. Ifa says that you're using your body - your physical beauty, attractiveness - to gain favor, especially from men. Ifa says that men have been granting you favors because of your body and appearance. Ifa says that you must be prudent, so that you do not invite calamity onto your head and create confusion in your environment. Ifa warns you not to be careless or short-sighted. Beauty fades faster than wisdom appears. Likewise, Ifa says that a man would benefit from being in close proximity to a woman who is physically attractive. However, this man must invest in the woman with the intent for long term prosperity, not short term gain. Ifa warns men to exercise restraint and precision as you invest in women. 

Originally, the genitals of mammals were like those of plants; positioned on their foreheads. One day, a babalawo was casting Ifa in preparation for his annual festival. The vulva was on her way to the market when she stopped at the house of the priest in order to consult IFA. The priest divined for the vulva and saw ObaraOdi. He told the vulva that she would prosper if she sacrificed. He told her to bring a black goat, a hen, kola nuts,  yams, an ax, and a cutlass as her sacrifice.

Vulva continued to the market and acquired all of the all the materials without paying for them because the men in the market were always happy to do her a favor. The he goat, ax, cutlass, and water yams were given to Esu. After consuming the sacrifice, ESU asked what vulva wanted. She replied that she wanted eternal honor and prosperity.

Before that time, anyone who wanted a child had to go to the palace of Olodumare who would have the person created in heaven. Then, the child would walk down a sacred road from heaven to the home of their parents on earth. ESU used the ax offered by vulva to cut down a tree, which fell and blocked the way from heaven to earth permanently.

Next, ESU, invited two people, a man and a woman. He sat them down. ESU, removed the penis from the man’s forehead and inserted it between his legs. He removed the vulva from the woman’s forehead and inserted it between her legs. Then, using the skins removed from the black he goat, he covered them up. This became pubic hair. Thereafter, ESU, used his power to decree that henceforth, all people and animals would use their genitals to reproduce. No longer would they be able to go to Olodumare. Instead, they must go to vulva. He added that from that time onward, men would also continue to pay the debt incurred from the sacrifice that vulva made. Beyond the dowry, men would pay to sustain women. Likewise, women would reproduce, multiply and expand men's influence.

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