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Itagon December 19, 2023

Eku ojo Ose Ifa, Irentegbe Temple and Osaworitemple family. So today, our Itadogun has blessed us with the appearance of an old friend, Ogbè-Ogunda. We are blessed with the appearance of this odu once again. It comes to remind us of a familiar theme...

Victory was in the air for the Orisha. A battle had been won and they had begun to gather their treasures. All except Orunmila. Once the battle was done and all the others rushed in to grab as much as they could, he gave pause to consult Ifa. He was advised to offer ebo and take the very first captive he came across as a servant. Orunmila complied.

By the time he had completed his offering and made it to the battlefield, all the treasures have been picked over and the strongest captives had already been collected. The only person left behind was an old, crippled man. Remembering his advisory, Orunmila took the man as a servant. Before long, Orunmila found himself having to take care of the servant. One day, while he was out, the old man decided to repay his benefactor for taking him in when all others have passed him by. He took some materials and constructed a hat. The hat was so beautiful that Orunmila became the envy of all the other Orishas. One by one, they came to him ready to buy the beautifully crafted headgear. In time, the hatmaker made Orunmila a very wealthy man.

Let me know your thoughts, what do you hear Ifa saying to us for this cycle.

Advisories and taboos:

• do not be quick to anger.

• Be careful not to view events in your life as negative to quickly.

• do not deny food to those in need.

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $16

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