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Itagon February 05 2024

Eku ojo Ose Ifa, Irentegbe Temple and Osa Wori Temple. Today we are blessed with the appearance of the holy Odu Ogbe-Owanrin. This odu comes to us in iré.

Orunmila had gone to consult Ifa on whether he could make money in the town of Ajase. He was told to offer ebo and that he would be successful there. But he would encounter great insult of which he must not be angry. He would merely suffer a bit but his head would fight on his behalf.

Orunmila went Odé Ajase and arrived at night. He stayed in the palace. The king asked that a mess delayed for him in a room, but, soon after, soldiers arrived from war with seized goods. The king asked Orunmila to move into the passage so that the goods could be packed into the room. Soon after this, farmers arrived with loads of kolanuts. Orunmila was told to move to the veranda so to make space for the kolanuts to be stored.

Then, it started raining and Orunmila Got drenched. In the morning, he left the veranda and went to sit at the gate. The Palace became unbearably hot and so he sent for his priests. They divined for him and asked for the visitor that he had maltreated. The king remembered asking a visitor to move from the room into the passageway then from the passageway to the veranda, but he did not know where the visitor had slept until morning. He was then advised that there was someone sitting out near the gate. The king and his advisors went there and found Orunmila. He asked him to come into the palace. He offered him an apology and a meal of fresh fruit for maltreating him. He explained that he did not know who he was. Orunmila was not angered and forgave him. He made Ifa medicine for the king and the palace cooled down.

Let me know your thoughts, what do you hear Ifa saying to us for this cycle.

Advisories and taboos:

• do not travel blindly, be mindful of your destinations.

• if going on a long journey, consult ifa first.

• do not allow yourself to be brought to anger.

• offer fresh fruits to visitors to your home.

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $16

CashApp - $TegbeTemple

Ebo: fresh fruits to Orunmila, and Egungun.

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