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Itagon For the New Year 2024 June 12, 2024

Eku ojo Ose Ifa, Irentegbe Temple and aborisha family. Today is our first Itadogun of the Ifá New Year! It is the holy Odù Obara-Iwori that is revealed for us today.

kùkúteé ojú ọ̀nà abara pálapàla divided for man and divine for mouth when they journeyed from heaven to Earth.

The two of them consulted Ifá to know if they could be comfortable on Earth. They were told that they could if they made sacrifice. The priest told the man that his sacrifice would be in two ways; He should make a sacrifice so that the one he is traveling with would not kill him. They were to sacrifice three roosters, 60,000 cowries and two pigeons each for comfort. The mouth offered his sacrifice in full while the man sacrificed only one pigeon, two roosters, and 20,000 cowries.

They came onto the Earth and things became comfortable. One day, the mouth implicated the man and instead of the mouth being cut, the man was beheaded at the shrine of ogun. May God prevent us from having an evil mouth that is cut together with the head. Asé.

I feel this one gets straight to the point, but I would still like to hear what your views are on this itan.

Advisories and taboos:

• be mindful of one's utterances. (As the elders used to say, "Don't let your mouth write checks that your butt can't cash.")

• do not still or accept another person's property to be kept.

• Make your offerings in full.

• Respect money but do not value money over wisdom. Be careful not to allow the pursuit of money to spoil one's good character.

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $21

CashApp - $TegbeTemple

Personal divination can be scheduled at;

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