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Itagon November 17, 2023

Eku ojo Ose Ifa Irentegbe Temple and OSA Wori Temple family. We were blessed with the appearance of the holy or do Ogunda Osé in today's Itadogun casting. It comes to us with the blessing of longevity.

Orunmila built his home near the Oja Ejigbomekun. His brothers, Ogun and Osanyin lived nearby. Orunmila was dedicated to business and Ifa divination. Initially, he was very successful but his siblings started to make trouble for him. As Orunmila's fortune began to wane, he went to consult Ifa for solutions.

At divination, he was told to sacrifice with a he goat, a large pot, a monkey and an okin bird. He was able to get the he goat for Esu, but could not acquire the monkey and okin. He was advised to serve Esu with the goat and to take the large pot into the forest and place it at the base of a large tree.

Meanwhile, there was a drought in the land. Okin and monkey were friends. They were searching for water one day when they met Esu. He told them where there was a large tree with a pot filled with fresh water. He invited them to go there for refreshment. They did, and to their amazement, they found the pot filled with water. Every day, monkey and Okin would return to refresh themselves. Every day, Esu would refill the pot with fresh water.

After some time, monkey and Okin became very comfortable knowing where they could always find refreshment. It was then that Esu told Orunmila what had become of his sacrifice. He explained that monkey and Okin were using it to refresh themselves without authorization. Thus, Orunmila only needed to catch them in the act and then he could demand compensation. And so, Esu and Orunmila went out to the large tree and hid. Eventually, monkey and Okin appeared to refresh themselves. Once they had finished, they started to pray for whomever had placed this resource in the middle of the forest for them. They swore that if they ever met this person, they would both serve him faithfully.

It was then that Esu and Orunmila came out from their hiding place. Esu told them that they had no authorization to use that pot of water. Thus, they were stealing, the penalty of which is death. Monkey and Okin apologized and explained that they meant no harm. They went on to say that they were so grateful for the favor that they were prepared to serve Orunmila faithfully. They promised to make Orunmila successful beyond his wildest dreams if he would allow them to serve him.

Orunmila consulted Ifa and was told to accept their offer. Thus, monkey and Okin became Orunmila's helpers. They cleared the land near the pot and planted a farm. Monkey then gathered palm fronds which were used to encircle the water pot.

Now, Esu launched the next phase of the plan. As Ogun was hunting in the forest one day, Esu made his vision blurry. So, when Ogun reached the pot, encircled with palm fronds, Ogun mistook it for his forest shrine. Then, he detected the prints of monkey and Okin. So Ogun was ready to capture his prey. So he hid nearby. Ogun killed three birds and several animals before Esu revealed himself and accused Ogun of hunting without permission. He advised Ogun that the penalty for unauthorized hunting was death. Ogun pleaded with Esu. He swore that he wold rather serve the owner of the land rather than to die. Esu explained that the land belonged to Orunmila. And so, Ogun agreed to serve Orunmila.

Shortly thereafter, Esu attracted Osanyin onto Orunmila's land, where he found a precious tree bark used in making medicine. As Osanyin was collecting the bark, Esu revealed himself. He called Osanyin an intruder and a thief for taking materials from private property. He told Osanyin that the penalty for stealing was death. Osanyin pleaded with Esu. He swore he would rather serve the owner of the land rather than to die. Esu explained that the land belonged to Orunmila. And so, Osanyin agreed to serve Orunmila.

It was at this time that Esu sent a magical bird to perch on a tree on Orunmila's land. This bird defecated precious beads and gems. The bird saw beans and corn that Okin had placed on the ground for feeding and could not resist. As the bird was feasting on the beans and corn, Esu revealed himself. Okin apprehended him and called him a thief. Okin advised the bird that the penalty for thievery was death. the bird pleaded with Okin, saying he would rather serve the owner of the corn and beans rather than to die. Okin explained that they belonged to Orunmila. The bird agreed to serve Orunmila by making him wealthy beyond compare.

Orunmila used the beads and gems to make beaded garments, shoes and jewelry, which he sold for great profits. He went on to make the beaded crowns that all the kings of the world adored. And so, Orunmila became exceedingly wealthy. His farms yielded great crops and his adversaries no longer troubled him.

Let me know your thoughts, what do you hear Ifa saying to us for this cycle.

Advisories and taboos:

· Do not wear solid red or black – to avoid the anger of Obatala

· Do not conspire against those who train you – to avoid regret and public hatred

· Do not move about outside at night – to avoid disaster, disrespect and untimely death

· Do not focus on the mistakes of your spouse – to avoid sadness, regret and violent reaction

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $21

CashApp - $TegbeTemple

Personal observance: offer fresh coconut to your ori.

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