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Itagon October 1

Eku ojo Ose Ifa, Irentegbe Temple and aborisha family. Today is our Itadogun. We see the arrival of the holy odu, Ofunda-Ose.

Ifa says that you should always render your support to those in need. Do not be selfish or stingy with your efforts and resources. Ifa will back you up and you should back up your companions. Give your Ifa obi and orogbo for the fulfillment of your dreams. Ifa says that many people are afraid. There is somebody hunting people. You will need the support of Ifa AND your companions to overcome obstacles.

The awos Cast Ifa for the antelope and also for the spider.

IAntelope and spider are both Ifa devotees. Summer was approaching and Antelope was scared that hunting season was coming. Antelope went to see Orunmila. How can I be protected from the hunters? Orunmila advised antelope to sacrifice and to always call upon Ifa for help in the time of need. Antelope complied. Spider was also scared because winter was coming and he would die in the cold. How will I protect myself and my family in this harsh weather? He was told to sacrifice and to be generous with his support. Spider complied. One day, Spider was out with his family. He was suddenly under threat from the weather. It started to rain unexpectedly. His entire family was going to die. He started to cry, "Ifa save me! I need your help now. Orunmila, save me! I need your help now." Antelope heard the cry of spider and rushed to the sound. He found spider. Antelope lowered his head and let the spider and his family take refuge in his horns. They remained there all winter long. Spider was thankful. He promised to be there for antelope should he ever need help. Summer eventually came. Hunting season started. Now, one day, the antelope was trapped by hunters. Antelope started to cry, "Ifa save me! I need your help now. Orunmila, save me! I need your help now." The spider heard the voice and recognized antelope. He went to the sound of the voice. He said, antelope, please hide yourself in this cave. And so he did. Spider then covered the cave with webs. When the hunters reached that point, they would not enter, not thinking that antelope could be there. And so it was that antelope saved the spider and vice versa.

Taboos and advisories:

Let me know your thoughts, what do you hear Ifa saying to us for this cycle.

• Do not eat at other people's house to avoid being rendered powerless.

• Avoid sexual relations with people you don't want to procreate with to avoid confusion

• Do not over emphasize on the mistakes of your spouse to avoid sadness, regret and violent reaction

• Do not promise what you cannot fulfill – to avoid problems and unconsummated fortunes

• Do not wear solid red or black – to avoid the anger of Obatala

• Do not conspire against those who train you – to avoid regret and public hatred

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $21

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