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Omo Obatala

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Eku ojo Ose Obatala Irentegbe Temple and Osaworitemple family. Many blessings and greetings to you all on the day of Obatala.

The father of the white cloth is known for many things, one of which being forward momentum. "Obatala does not look back."

We've heard the creation story where his mistake led to the creation of those born with birth defects. One of the many things we see in this story is that rather than overly punish himself for his mistake or give up on his task, he acknowledged the mistake he made, ensured to never make the same mistake again, and continued forward.

Not one amongst us is perfect, not even the divinities. We all have our flaws but, those flaws are no reason for us to give up on ourselves or anything that we seek to achieve.

On this day, we honor Obatala,

The father of the white cloth,

Father of all Orisha,

The one who shapes human beings.

He who talks to people and ensures that the talk is completely absorbed.


Asé, asé, asé o.

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