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Part ² of the Itagon

.... Meriye told her. The next time that they went in search of the Eburo, this friend went with them. She saw many fruits but picked only one. She made her way to the palace of Olodumare. She was given three gourds and was asked to hit them on the floor of her room when she got home.

She could not wait to reach home. She threw one of the gourds on the ground on the way home and wasps flew out and stung her mercilessly. She ran. She threw the second and third down at the same time in her room and snakes came out and bit her to death. That is why people say that “Enikan kii fori w’ori Meeeye lo oko eburo” meaning “nobody can compare their luck to that of Meriye when going in search of eburo on the farm”.

Ifa advises the group to sacrifice in order to succeed together. Ifa says there are some who are riding on the efforts of others. Sacrifice must be made to prevent a situation where only those who do not work profit from the labor of others.

Let me know your thoughts, what do you hear Ifa saying to us for this cycle.

Advisories and taboos:

• avoid eating tree nuts.

• do not kill bees or destroy honeycombs

• do not allow yourself to fall prey to envy.

• do not seek to recreate someone else's success

For those who would like to partake in the community offering, donations can be made in multiples of $21

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