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Aboru aboye abosise Irentegbe Temple. Eku ojo Ose Ifa. Greetings to you on the day of Ifa. I pray that your obi was accepted and prayers have been heard. Asé, asé, asé o!

There came of time when Oshun was without a husband. As such, she went to live with her sister Yemoja. While she lived there, she helped earn money by divining using the merindinlogun. As time passed, Yemoja began to learn the craft as well. The more proficient she became, the more curious she became. Knowing that she marked the odu as they fell, she wanted to know what the odu actually where. She began a quest to discover what it was that she had been marking for all these years. Her quest led to her to the house of Olodumaré where she finally discovered the answer. Each of the holy Odu is an irunmolé. When we cast Ifa and the odu appears, We are in the presence of a divine being who carries a message. They exist all around us, continuing to gather knowledge and understanding of the world around us and how to navigate through it.

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Unknown member
Sep 19, 2023

This message has some irony in a great way😏 Asé 💛

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