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Today is the day of Obatala, Babalu Aye, Ori, Egunguns and Iyami

Eku ojo Ose Obatala Irentegbe Temple! I greet you all on the day of Obatala, our Egungun, and the Iyami. Orisanla gives us a message on this day. "The one who speaks with a voice like honey is the one who has heard. The one who speaks with a stinging tongue is the one who is shunned."

Even when what you say is true, do not be offensive. Be careful that you are not ridiculing others or mocking them. This will create obstacles for you later on. It will also contribute to a situation where you become isolated from your community against your wishes.

Also, today is the anniversary of our very own Oshunmiwa initiating to Ifa and receiving Oshun. Let us show her some love and honor the Orisha of love and abundance by making a donation to her Odunfa.



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