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Death and Rebirth!!

Welcome to the dedication page for Oya Yansa

Spiritual Transformation is needed to succeed !!

Oriki for transformation

Oya Pele O

Je Ogan Legbe

Afefe nla ti ngbagi gbaju

Efufu legelege te gbara we

Make room for the goddess we call Oya Yansa! Where there is a storm , lighting , tornadoes, you best to believe that change, transformation and destruction is around the corner but it is your choice how it comes. When starting my journey into Ifa Oya and Eshu were the ones that brought me to my life changing experiences. She has always wanted better for me she showed out and showed up. Not only did she blow my tears, pain and suffering away but she gave me the energy to weather the storm. Just like lighting she is swift and deadly but on the other hand she is that beautiful goddess that can hang with the boys. Oya is not for the lighthearted , you will need to have strength of her animal the buffalo.

She purifies the lives of her devotees by blowing away all things that do not serves them purpose. Once she does that then she allows fresh winds to caress your abundance and pushes it to you. When dealing with this wind goddess always make sure you always cleanse your air by sage, palo santos and open the doors and windows to clear out the energy of the air so she can replenish the air with transformation winds. Next Burn Oya favorite scented incense like sandalwood and Patchouli . She is the the mother of 9 children. 4 sets of twins and egungun, which each child represents a color in the rainbow. Her color is burgundy, or wine color with copper accents. Her number is 9. She is know as the temptress when being intimate with her lover. She was married to Ogun and left him for his brother Shango. When you have her as your head orisha understand its a honor to have her because most people want to be the beautiful Oshun; but don't you ever underestimate Oya's power. She will send you so much destruction and chaos that it will leave your head spinning and she's the gatekeeper of the graveyards too. Sheesh!! You sure you want that type of smoke.

Oya I just want to say thank you for saving my life and giving me the opportunity to to give thanks unto you for everything you do for me. I so grateful and honored to be able to write this blog about you. You have taught me to always change for the better even when the storm tears down things in our life that we thought we really needed or wanted; you always show us it always something greater. Just remove the debris from our eyes and stand back and observe the beauty of the aftermath, because you can always give a person destruction. Thank you for being a wonderful force and power.

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